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Project Description
A tool to detect the connection status to internet or specific IP or website. It will alert if the connection is lost.



Software Review

written by Mihaela Citea, from on April 28th, 2014

NetPing can come in handy when you are experiencing connectivity problems, providing a quick and comfortable manner to check the availability of the address your computer is trying to reach. It is nothing more than a ping utility that provides an alternative to the well-known console command.

A straightforward ping utility

Adopting a forthright approach, this application tries to keep things simple as possible. Its interface is simple and comprises accessible options inside a single window, which makes it really easy to use.

There are two functions that NetPing comes with. It can check the status of a specific IP address or website, as well as check whether your computer is currently connected to the Internet or not. You can easily select the task you want it to perform by using the designated check boxes within the main window.

Checks IP addresses and alerts you if the connection goes offline

In order to verify a destination IP address, your only task is to enter the desired website URL or the IP address. NetPing immediately proceeds to sending the request. If the target address responded, it displays a notification message on the screen, saying that the connection is online.

Aside from simplicity and ease of use, this application has an additional advantage. It comes with an additional function that can prove useful to network administrators, namely the possibility to get sound and on-screen alerts when the connection is lost and / or when it comes back online. You can set the number of times the application should repeat the notification message.

A simple alternative to the ping command

NetPing provides an intuitive GUI that can replace the need to use the standard 'ping' command, which can prove useful especially to those who don't fancy the console. It has its own set of pluses, but you cannot change the ping timeout, adjust the packet size or configure the number of echo requests.


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